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Olumayowa is an activist, writer and advocate for consumer freedom. He has published or been cited in over 100 articles in newspapers and media outlets such as Forbes.com, Reason Magazine, PanamPost, HuffPost, CNN, the BBC and numerous local media outlets. His views on politics, economics and human freedom have been translated into 16 languages including French, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Khmer and Vietnamese.

He is a member of the Council at the South African Institute of Race Relations and an adviser to a number of think tanks across Africa and former managing director of African Liberty. He is an alumnus of Centre for Public Policy Research Policy School in Kochi, India and completed the Atlas Think Tank MBA in 2013. He received a Master’s degree in Refugee Studies from the University of Ibadan. He is the author of Navigate: A Prospection of Nigeria’s future to 2030.