Team Member

Odewale Abayomi


Odewale Abayomi is a Civil Engineer (Water Resources and Environmental Engineer), researcher , lecturer and a member of the Climate Working Group for the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) (2022/24) which proposes urban resilience to climate change projects and develops a climate action policy for the Commonwealth Association of Planners.

He has over seven years of experience in the civic engagement space. Abayomi is a recent graduate of John Galt School Nigeria 2023; where he learnt the rudiments of objectivism, rational self interest, capitalism and Ayn Rand's ideals and ideology.

As an Ominira Initiative Free Trade Fellow 2023, Abayomi published 6 articles in the mainstream media and made a public appearance on African Independence Television (AIT) towards deepening the understanding and benefits of international trade, entrepreneurship, and a conducive business environment in Nigeria and Africa.

In his Capacity as African Liberty Writing Fellow (2020/21), he published 12 OPEDs on economic freedom, governance and human rights in the mainstream national dailies. Abayomi leveraged on the African Liberty platform to write against obnoxious and oppressive policies towards entrenching economic liberalisation, liberty and freedom. He proposed an ideal and sustainable youth empowerment template, recommended a practicable all inclusive and affordable healthcare package for all Nigerians, condemned Twitter ban and amplified how 2021 telecommunications shutdown worsened insecurity in Kaduna

He was a Fellow of Legislative Mentorship Initiative (LMI) 2022 for young potential leaders with impactful track records. The LMI which was founded by Rt Hon Femi Gbajabiamila (CFR) (Nigeria's 9th House of Assembly Speaker and Chief of Staff to the President) develops, trains and mentors the next generation of legislators and ethical public sector leaders that are well equipped.

In recognising his climate advocacy, Abayomi was International Centre For Journalists (ICFJ) – UN Foundation Climate Reporting and Migration Fellow (2017). He was mentored on the rudiments of climate writing and reporting by a network of veteran journalists – among which were Chika Odua, Jerri Eddings and Jacopo Ottavian.