Funding and Partnership Policy

The Foundation for Consumer and Freedom Advancement (FCFA) is dedicated to advocating for the rights and interests of consumers. We believe in promoting access to information and resources that empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. To achieve our goals, we recognize the need to engage with the public, stakeholders, and professionals across various sectors. This policy outlines how we consider these relationships and the process for any partnership or sponsorship agreement.

FCFA is committed to maintaining our independence and integrity. We do not accept donations from any industry that conflicts with our mission. All donations are untied and all spending is at the discretion of the FCFA Board of Directors, in line with our organization’s objectives and ethical principles.

  1. Ethical Considerations:

We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with external organizations to achieve our shared goals. However, we maintain our independence and do not allow external partnerships to compromise the integrity of FCFA.

The following principles will be applied in consideration of any partnership or sponsorship arrangement:

  • FCFA will not endorse any specific company or product.
  • Partnerships or financial support will only be accepted if there is potential for improving public health or benefiting those affected by consumer issues.
  • FCFA will not compromise its independent status, values, or objectives.
  • The board will consider the risk of adverse publicity when accepting any support.

  1. Acceptance Criteria:

When deciding whether to accept a donation or partnership, the board has a duty to act in the best interest of FCFA. We will ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, including money laundering rules, the Bribery Act, and Charity Commission guidance.

  • FCFA will not accept donations associated with criminal sources or further a donor’s personal objectives that conflict with our mission.
  • FCFA will not accept donations that could harm our reputation, compromise our ethical position, or put future funding at risk.

  1. Transparency:

FCFA believes in transparency and openness with all stakeholders. We will display this policy on our website and review it annually.

  1. Process:

All significant sponsorships or other support with a value of more than US$ 10,000 must be approved by the board before acceptance.

Contracts with partners must allow FCFA to withdraw from any partnership where new developments mean that areas of this ethical sponsorship policy become breached.

  1. Engagement:

FCFA recognizes that collaborating with commercial organizations can benefit both parties. However, any engagement will only be undertaken if the board agrees that it is in the interest of the consumers. 

FCFA is committed to promoting consumer rights and interests while maintaining its independence and integrity. We seek to collaborate with external organizations to achieve our shared goals, but we will not compromise our values, reputation, or objectives. We believe in transparency and openness with all stakeholders and comply with all relevant legislation.